Safety Unit for Pedestrian Crossing

How the new G.S.A.P. system works?


G.S.A.P. is a new road-crossing system with lighting and laser/holographic writing.


  • If detects the movement
    When a pedestrian shows the intention to cross the street, G.S.A.P. is able to detect the movement, forewarns and timely signals attracting the driver’s attention.


  • Web platform and App
    In addition to the lighting and laser/holographic writing system, G.S.A.P. will add a web platform. This platform will be able to manage, in real time, the diagnosis of the system operation indicating when it is active, inactive or showing anomalies or breakdowns.
  • It will also be able to alert about the presence of a pedestrian crossing the street by means of wireless devices (as for example a specific APP installed on smartphones).

New G.S.A.P. system


G.S.A.P. - New system

  • The main FE296 board is supported by an embedded PC with a very low consumption connected to the Internet (G.S.A.P. portal);
  • The main FE296 board exchanges, in real time, the operational diagnosis of the plant with the PC reporting when is active, inactive or whether shows anomalies or failures. 

G.S.A.P. - New system

  • The control unit can be connected to detection devices in wireless mode, as for instance smartphones, in order to allow to be warned about plant activity by APP;
  • The presence of an embedded PC connected to the Internet opens many possibilities with communications.

G.S.A.P. - New system

  • The new system also features a LASER device, that allows to project writing or images on the roadway;
  • The new system makes it possible to apply a light source to illuminate the roadway, while the Pedestrian is crossing the street.

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